Water Testing

Water Testing

Before testing your water always run pumps on high for at least 1 minute for better accuracy. The Natural Hot Tub Company’s® Water Treatment and Conditioner helps stabilize the pH and alkalinity levels. When making any adjustments to your hot tub's water by adding products, you should only add one product at a time. When adjusting pH and alkalinity, wait 24 hours before retesting your water. Always adjust alkalinity first, then pH


Water Temperature Range 90 degrees farenheit or higher

pH Level 7.2 – 8.2 RED

Alkalinity 80-120 LIGHT GREEN

Total Calcium Hardness 150-250 ppm

If you have hard water, use a Stain & Scale control (Defender)

If low calcium hardness (under 150ppm), use a Calcium Hardness Increaser