Randy Arendse – Anacores WA

Spa Man,
First off let me say “Thank You” for talking me into this system!!
I was using the chemical maintenance system in my spa for several years. In doing this I was unaware that I was causing myself some sort of skin condition.

I tried to figure out if it was the laundry detergent that we were using or the fabric softener, or just what. As I was getting a rash on the outer part of my lower legs. After numerous attempts at changing detergent, fabric softener and the like, I was having no luck. The only thing I could see that was connecting the dots was my spa.
Stay out of the spa and the rash would almost go away, get back in the spa, and back it would come. YUK!!
Not wanting to give up my spa time,(I enjoy my relaxing time way too much) I thought I would ask at your store what you thought?

So, on your advice, I tried the natural way of maintaining my spa. ( The Natural Hot Tub Co. )
All I can really say, is it is a MIRACLE!!

I can stay in the spa as long as I want, and no rash! In fact the rash is completely gone and healed over in just one months time, and has not shown any sign of returning. The water feels very soft and maybe even a comfort feeling.
I followed the instructions to a tee, ( first time for everything) and when I got in for the first time……….it was wonderful!!! I would recommend this to anyone, no mater if they are having problems or not. This stuff in the greatest, it is very easy to maintain and keep balanced, and best of all, I think it is cheaper in the long run.

Yes, there is some cost up front, but well worth every penny. After the initial cleaning and the starting of the product, all it takes is a little splash of sanitizer once a week or so, and my spa stays right on target with nothing other that the standard filter.

Again I want to say Thank You, and if you wish to show this to any of your customers, please do. I think that they will be very happy with this system, as am I.

Keep up the great work, and THANK YOU!!