Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Garden Hose Pre-Filter
Highly recommended & makes initial chemical balancing easier & future issues are greatly reduced. Greatly increases (OFL) Optimum Filter Life of your main filter(s).

Deep clean every 1-2 months using the Filter-Soak following the directions on bottle. Rinse filter(s) weekly or as needed.

Ozonators – Highly Recommended
Compatible with the all natural Water Treatment & Conditioner.

Sweep these areas out as water will turn cool and may produce a slight odor.

Bathing Suits
Wash in hot water without soap and double rinse to remove dyes and any soap residue.

Neck Jets
All jets including neck jets, waterfalls, etc., should remain open slightly so that water may flow freely during filtration cycle.

Spa Covers
Spa covers and headrests should be cleaned as needed.

If you have drained your spa and expect to leave it drained for an extended period of time, you may want to ‘shock’ the water with chlorine when you refill.

Bacteria, water mold, and algae can grow in your spa lines during shut down, and this ‘shocking’ should eliminate any contamination. 1/2-oz for spas up to 250 gallons / 1-oz for spas up to 500 gallons.

Spa Recommendations
Before testing your water always run pumps on high for at least 1-minute for better accuracy.

Water Temperature Range – 90 degrees or higher

pH level – 7.2 – 8.2 / Alkalinity – 80 – 120
Our Water Treatment & Conditioner helps stabilize at these levels.
See Hamilton Index for more information on proper hot tub water balance.

Total Calcium Hardness – 150 – 250 ppm
If hard water, use a Stain & Scale control (Defender).
If low calcium hardness (under 150 ppm), use a Calcium Increaser.

Filtration System
Minimum (6-8) hrs per day. 24-7 filtration is recommended if capable.
If your source water is hard water and you have not used a garden hose pre-filter, then the recommended amount of a Stain & Scale control (Defender), should be used weekly, following directions on bottle. Also a Metal Out product may be used when filling spa.