Customer Q&A

Customer Q&A

Q: How are your products Environmental?

A: Approved by OSHA to be 100% safe, our enzymes are harvested without harm to the eco-system.  Our bottles are 100%PCR.  Our labels are Earth-First™ labels.  Our cartons and other packaging is recycled or recyclable.  Also when our Water Treatment & Conditioner is used with only 99% Sodium Dichlor, which may be gassed out before draining, and tested to be sure, the spa water should do no harm to the ground water system.


Q: Are there any products not compatible with the Water Treatment & Conditioner?

A: Not compatible with Biquanide products or 1-Micron Disposable Filters.


Q: What happens if I don’t use the Penetrating Spa Cleanser before using the Water Treatment & Conditioner?

A: 5-8 weeks into using the Water Treatment & Conditioner it will continuously seek out chemical residues to eliminate them.  If the Water Treatment & Conditioner finds those residues, the water may turn a bit cloudy and give off a chemical odor.  Beginning with the Penetrating Spa Cleanser product eliminates this problem.  (Not Necessary For New Spas, however because of the manufacturers water testing, we recommend spa should be shocked with the 99% sodium dichlor the first day.)


Q: Do you have Technical Support?

A: We have over 15 years of product knowledge


Q: Are your products guaranteed?

A: Contact David ( Spa Man ) at  360-820-7727 or Email:


Q: Are your products guaranteed?

A: Yes, 100% Guaranteed when following our directions.